Alim Drum Seeder

Alim Drum Seeder


  • Sowing seed is very efficient in rice production it decrease the quantity of seeds, the seeds weeding is easier, ultimately it increase the production of rice.

  • Manual system of seeding in field is time consuming & hard working is needed so the Alim seeder is more accurate for sowing seeds.

  • This machine is power tiller operated.

  • By this seeder it can be possible to sow seed in specific point & specific depth.

  • Germination & sufficient quantity & seedlings can be ensured.

  • The percentage of seed requirement is 10-40% lower than the traditional system.

  • The rice production percentage can be increased to 10-15%.

  • Easy weeding & intercultural operation.

Technical Details



Plastic & Metal rod



Green (Drum seeders) & Blue (Wheels)

Length of Rod


2000 mm

Length of Drum


250 mm

Diameter of Drum


550 mm

Total no. of Drum seeders


6 per set

Seed Capacity


12 kg (2 kg/Drum)

Gross weight with seeds


20.60 Kgs

Seeding output/rate


03 to 08 kg/Ace